The Best of Vegas in 2018

Sunny hip, and swank are just a few words to describe the fast-paced growing city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. Frequent visits to the infamous location led to hot spot destinations that are a definite must visit. These are largely considered the very best of Vegas.

Starting with the very best hotels. There’s nothing like visiting the celebrated Vegas Strip and having the best sleeping accommodations. The newly renovated Bellagio hotel offers luxury, tranquility and affordable rates. There are breathtaking views in virtually every suite that guests can request. After sightseeing, shopping, eating and whatever else incredible Vegas call you to do, why not wind down with a massage at their renowned in-house spa? The Bellagio hotel is a non-stop relaxation spot.

After settling in your hotel it’s time to hit the strip and discover the best dining experiences Vegas has to offer. With a totally innovative approach to dinner, Blackout is next on the list. After putting cells phones and any other light baring objects into secure lockers, guests are led to a completely dark dining room for a unique dining experience. One of the coolest things about the dinner is not really knowing what you’re eating until you taste it. The unique and creative plant-based menu along with the mysterious dark atmosphere really enhances the taste buds and amplifies your senses.

Why not continue the adventure with the best Vegas entertainment? First recommended is the Michael Jackson One Cirque Du Soleil show. Heart-rending performances leave audience members in amazement. When wanting something more interactive The Blue Man Group is top choice. The show collaborates with the audience and really brings out the artistic vibe of the strip. An entertaining experience on a more calm and still interactive level would be David Copperfield at the MGM. His magic show will surly leaves spectators in suspense and wanting more.

Ready to do a little gambling and a lot of partying? Or the other way around? Either way, these Vegas strip hot spots were saved for the end. When it’s time to get all dressed up and let your hair down to show Vegas what you’re made of, check out the 10AK at the Mirage. The scenery is posh, the music is upbeat, the drinks are unique plus the dance floor is remarkable in size. The club is situated around the endless dance floor with access to several ways to gamble surrounding. Since the city never sleeps it would be wrong not to include the Best after hour club in Vegas, Drai’s and Drai’s After Hour at the Cromwell. With live hip hop entertainment from artist like T.I and Future, this spot is the ultimate place to polish off your night.

Whether you’re looking to party well into the next morning or take it easy the Vegas Strip has many hot spots to visit. Be sure to check these off on your next trip to Vegas.

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