Beautiful Side of Lombok Island, Indonesia

Bali is a major tourist destination Indonesia. However, travelers now have to start thinking of a visit to the island next to him, namely Lombok. Only this time Lombok still not visited by the tourists so that the environment is still beautiful and wonderful. Lombok is so much natural beauty and also stores under the oceans and waterfalls, besides it, so many lombok island hotels that has a place – venue that offers natural beauty. Make you a hobby Lombok adventure may be your chosen destination. In particular traveler, they usually goes to Lombok by sea from Bali, or can directly use the air line.

Rambitan Village, Lombok Island

For you who want to explore Lombok, there are a few destinations – destinations which not many have encountered, so you’ll find a new adventure. Looks That!

1. Tanjung Ringgit
Situated on the eastern coastline of the island of Lombok, the area is surrounded by forests that are still green and lush managed by the Forest Ministry of Lombok. The place is beautiful yet not so much visited by tourists. In Tanjung Ringgit inhabited whose inhabitants mostly farmers.

2. Waterfall Yarn and Yarn Nets Stokal
There are five waterfalls in this complex, one of the closest of the post entrance is Stokal Yarn, Yarn Nets but which has a different beauty. Well, for you who want to stop in this place, rather spend a fairly hostile, about 100,000 rupiah for you who want to get into the complex. However, you will get the beauty and scenery that you have not seen.

3. Mount Malimbu
Want to see the expanse of blue ocean from the top of the hill? Well here’s Malimbu Mount with rows of palm trees when viewed so soothing eye. To get to this hill, when you can travel approximately 30 minutes from the city of Mataram.

4. Gili Kondo
Lombok is famous dyke – gilinya in Sasak language means Small Island, adding any spectacular beauty possessed by Lombok. And one of the dyke which is currently not much touched by the tourists of Gili Kondo. To arrive at this place you can travel a distance of about 3 hours 10 minutes from the city of Mataram, or about 10 minutes to cross the harbor.
5.Desa Sembalun
In addition to Sade Sasak village, Lombok discount some more villages are not yet widely known by most people. The village is located in the District Sembalun Sembalun, East Lombok is located in the northern foot of Mount Rinjani, the village has an altitude of about 1,156 meters above sea level. Here you can see the exquisite views of Mount Rinjani stretching green and magnificent.

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