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A Guide to Using a Tactical Flashlight for Personal Safety A tactical flashlight should come to mind when buying a device that may help with personal safety. There are many ways to find out which brand is best, and you may gain some shopping insights by reading the best tactical flashlights review for 2017. No matter the brand of tactical flashlight you purchase, the device can with personal safety in ways such as: Illuminating Dark Areas It may go without saying that a flashlight illuminates dark spaces, but what the public may not realize is that, from a personal safety point of view, all dark areas ought to be treated as dangerous. If you have a tactical flashlight that produces 700 lumens or more, you’re in a position to perceive threats from safe distance and to be completely alert of what the darkness ahead holds for you.
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Be sure to always use your flashlight to “clear” a dark area before proceeding. This tool is very useful as you walk your dog at dusk, step out in the dark, or attend to some strange noise you heard in the house. Utilizing your flashlight in this manner will promote your personal safety and ensure you don’t run into an ambush, unknowingly.
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Illuminating into the Eyes of an Attacker Due to advancements in technology today, there are different flashlight types that use LED technology to produce high intensity illumination. If you shine the high-intensity light into the eyes of an attacker, they will be disoriented, unable to see you, or look away, even if for a second. A second may not look like a long time, but it is adequate for you to disorient an assailant, initiate an attack, or handle an urgent threat in any other sensible manner. Impact Resistance When the successful use of your flashlight is a matter of personal safety, then you need to be impact resistant. In case of an attack, there’s chance the flashlight will drop on a tough surface, and you want to remain operational so you may pick it up and continue to illuminate dark spaces. The reason why tactical flashlights are great for personal safety is that they’re made of durable material, for example aircraft grade aluminum that does not break on impact. These flashlight types have the right handling texture that provides for a firm grip around their bodies, making sure they don’t drop off your hands and putting you at a disadvantage against your opponent. When picking a tactical flashlight, make sure you’ve reviewed its performance in aspects like run time, beam distance, and light output. With a high-performance tactical flashlight, you’ll see through your way in the dark while avoiding numerous kinds of unpleasant ambushes.