We Might End Up Retiring in This Place That We Love to Visit

I went on a European tour with my parents many years ago, and I remember asking them why we were trying to see so many different countries all at once during that one tour. My father explained that it’s nice to be able to visit many places at once, so you can then figure out which places are worth coming back to. This is why I now opt for luxury villa rental for Tuscany vacations over and over again. On that trip with my parents, we visited quite a number of countries, and the one that stood out to me as worthy of coming back to was Italy.

Italy is like nothing that I have ever encountered before prior to going there. Everything was so different to me. The people are very friendly and we’ll walk right up to you and start talking to you even if they don’t know your language. You can get by easily with a lot of smiles and help them to understand what you mean with hand gestures. That said, there’s also plenty of Italian people who also understand English. They are such happy, joyful people. They have a wonderful sense of style when it comes to their clothing the way they decorate their home, and the way all of their different cities look in person.

Wheel of the luxury Villa that we rent, and we feel comfortable in the neighborhood where it is located. We are now kicking around the idea of retiring there full time one day. When we open our windows at home, in the city where we have lived for years, we see only a busy street or the side of another neighbor’s home. But when we are overseas, we open our windows to rolling vistas and views of the city sprawled out in front of us.

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