Understanding Pricing for Chartering Private Jets

For many people with a lot of money, the ultimate in luxury and privilege is defined in the use of a private jet. For many wealthy individuals and important business employees, traveling domestically is only done in a private jet. However, even for people who are wealthy, the cost of traveling in a private aircraft can be quite excessive, especially if it is a lengthy domestic flight. That’s why it’s important to understand pricing for private jets so that when a person is planning such a trip, they will have a good understanding of how much the service can cost.

The first thing to understand about pricing for a private jet is that, often times, it is dependent on the type of aircraft that a person is looking for. For example, standard pricing for a turboprop jet may range somewhere in the vicinity of $1500-$3500 per hour. However, for a midsized jet, cost per hour can range from $3000-$6500. Many private jet companies also offer larger private jets, heavy jets and commercial aircraft’s for rent. The cost for these types of aircraft are typically going to be the highest and a person interested in this type of accommodation will usually need to call ahead to receive a quote.

It’s also important to expect certain additional fees. For example, over the winter, a plane will need to be de-iced before taking off in many northern locations. This can increase the costs of leasing a private jet. In addition, if the jet needs to be repositioned from its current location to an arrival or departure location for a business or individual, this is also going to factor into the costs. That’s why looking at charter jets that are already located at an arrival or departure area can help lessen the cost of chartering a private jet.

If you have the financial resources to travel in total and complete comfort and style, then a private jet may be exactly what you’re looking for. However, you won’t have money very long if you spend it unwisely. That’s why even the wealthiest people look for the best prices and the best cost-saving measures when chartering a private jet. It’s simply good sense not to spend more than you have to, even if you can afford to.