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A simple way to keep the house clean and tidy

For some people, cleaning a house is not a fun job. However, cleaning the house is a must. Cleaning up your residence regularly will have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.
The Hufiington Post wrote about a study led by Nicole Keith from the Department of Physical Activity, Indiana University, who mentions that there is a correlation between clean house and health level. As an information, in Indonesia Perumnas cheap Home Mortgage offer their best services about homes mortgages.
The study examined the physical health of 998 respondents aged 49-65 people by comparing the level of physical activity, home hygiene, and the risk of heart disease. The result, respondents who have a clean house turned out to have the most active physical activity and awake health. As an information, in Indonesia Perumnas cheap Home Mortgage offer their best services about it.
You are also advised to invite family members to take responsibility for cleaning the house. So you will not feel alone cleaning up.
Cleaning the house every day can make you tired. But you can turn it into a fun one. For example, cleaning the house while listening to music and singing.
If you feel you do not have enough time to clean the house, there is a solution. The Boldsky site suggests that you get used to it, like this:
Replace the spice container
Do not let the kitchen fall apart and dirty because the spices are scattered. Change the seasoning container. Place the spices according to the type. Choose a clear container for easy viewing. Make sure the container is always in closed condition.
Put shoes on the outside
Shoes used outdoor activities contain germs and bring unpleasant smell. So you should place your shoes on a storage rack. You can also put shoes on the doorstep.
Immediately tidy up the bed
Less than 5 minutes to tidy up the bed. As soon as you wake up, tidy the sheets and stack the pillows neatly. Starting the day with a clean room will help your home look neat.
Do not delay taking out the trash
Garbage that accumulates in the waste basket in the house will cause unpleasant smell. It also invites rodents. Clean the trash at least once a week. Use a solution of vinegar and lemon.
Leave the house in a clean condition
If you want to leave the house in the next few days, you should clean the house first. Because, when you return home in a state of exhaustion, you do not see chaos because the house is a mess and make the mood is not good.
Setop piles up dirty clothes
At most you wash clothes twice a week. Dirty clothing that accumulate will spread odor.
It is important to instill that keeping the house clean is the responsibility of all family members, not just a person’s responsibility alone.
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