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Before Travelling to Lima Peru

Travelling through South America is an amazing experience per se. Reaching the capital city of Peru, Lima is a great place to visit and stay because it offers much more than other destinations. It is the absolute destination for savvy travelers, who wish to find something more than the usual surf and sun.

It is a city steeped in history, with one of the most glorious and inspiring Empire to present. You will not be able to find similar things anywhere else in South America; this is the main reason why Lima is the top priority travel destination for thousands people from every corner of the globe.

Lima never fails to intrigue and enchant the travelers; it is considered one of the largest desert cities in the world, with an impressive culture and a prosperous modern life. The influence of the Spaniards and the Incas is more than evident in the city, which doesn’t fail to surprise the traveler every single day. Whether the traveler wants to get to know one of the most ancient cultures in the world, or simply enjoy the splendid views to the Pacific ocean, Lima has it all.

Before traveling to Lima though, you are supposed to do a little research and find the best accommodation options. There are numerous hotels in Lima, ranging from simple hostels to impressive and majestic luxurious hotels. Making a reservation is easy, but you need to make sure that you have made the right decision. Find a hotel that is conveniently located, based on your requirements and needs and try to find the one that offers the best facilities and comforts at reasonable prices.

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Information About Betting Web Sites

Betting web sites of all types can be accessed on the internet. All you need is a computer with a reliable internet connection. No matter where you are in the world, you can play your favorite games and interact with others sharing your interests. This article will describe some features common to betting websites as well as differences that can be observed between platforms. Laws vary around the world, so not every gambling game is available in all countries. For example, online poker is a very popular game that is legal in most countries, but it is not legal in the United States. Some countries do not allow online betting at all; however, most places allow at least some forms of online gambling. Rules and restrictions may vary.… Read More

Guide to Preparing a Trip to Peru

Right now I’m in Peru and the most question that comes in is how to go to Peru? To answer this question I gave a guide to preparing a trip to Peru.

Visa and so on

The good news is that Indonesians to Peru have been granted a visa for 183 days. So you can be satisfied until 6 months if you want to explore all of Peru. From Indonesia, you just have to enter immigration and get a passport stamp.


There are many flights for trips to Peru from Indonesia. From Indonesia, the familiar and easy path is to go through the Netherlands with KLM. Why is that? Because during transit there is no need to leave immigration or need a Schengen transit visa. So from Indonesia it transits twice, Malaysia and the Netherlands, both of them do not need to leave immigration, remain inside the terminal.

KLM Amsterdam – Peru
While other lines that are also familiar and can be taken are Asian routes, namely from Indonesia to Japan / Hong Kong and then the United States / Canada and continue to Peru.

At this moment KLM is being heavily promoted to Peru from Amsterdam, so prepare the best plan because the biggest budget portion to Peru is the flight.

Time difference

The thing that is quite extreme is the time difference of up to 12 hours. So if in Peru at 6 am then in Indonesia it is 6 pm. It can make our bodies jet lag so I suggest giving a break at the beginning of a trip in Peru.


The Peruvian currency is Nueva Sol, the exchange rate is approximately 1 Sol = 4000 a few rupiahs, forgetting exactly. For exchanges I suggest not exchanging at the airport, the exchange rate is very bad, it’s better in Money Changer that is almost in every big city.

In tourist cities like Lima, Arequipa, Puno or Cusco in some shops or restaurants you can receive US Dollars or Euros. For trips to Lima I recommend bringing US Dollars or Euros for a trip to Peru, upon arrival in Peru just exchanged to Sol.


As I write this note, Peru is entering the beginning of winter which lasts until the middle of the year. Besides that it is a dry season with rain. In my opinion, the best time to Peru is between March and May.

Food Prices

Okay, for food on the sidewalk or stall the price is relatively between 4 soles – 10 soles per menu. Eating in restaurants is between 15-60 soles per menu.

Street Food in Peru
If you eat at a restaurant it will usually be offered in the menu entre, main course and dessert. Or if you don’t just go to a buffet restaurant, it will certainly be more expensive but you can take it to your heart’s content.

Culinary Taste

In my opinion, Peruvian cuisine is a mix between Europe, Asia and South America. For Indonesian tongue it … Read More

We Might End Up Retiring in This Place That We Love to Visit

I went on a European tour with my parents many years ago, and I remember asking them why we were trying to see so many different countries all at once during that one tour. My father explained that it’s nice to be able to visit many places at once, so you can then figure out which places are worth coming back to. This is why I now opt for luxury villa rental for Tuscany vacations over and over again. On that trip with my parents, we visited quite a number of countries, and the one that stood out to me as worthy of coming back to was Italy.

Italy is like nothing that I have ever encountered before prior to going there. Everything was so different to me.… Read More

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