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Top Five Family Attractions in Eau Claire

Visitors and locals alike can agree that Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a wonderful place. The scenic Chippewa River flows through the city and abundant nature surrounding it. The city is artsy, hip, and self-declared indie. Eau Claire is an ideal tourist destination for the Midwest with all sorts of entertainment and plenty of family-friendly attractions.

Action City

When the kids are just overflowing with energy and they desperately need to get it out then this is the ideal option. It offers year-round indoor entertainment. Children and adults will love the trampoline park. The must-visit appeal lies in how many activities are under one roof. There’s an indoor waterpark with a waterslide, virtual reality experience, and mini golf all in addition to the trampolines. Consider something like action city eau claire a place with a little something for everybody.

Carson Park

This park is much beloved by the Eau Claire community. It has a rich history and many modern attractions for families. Begin by checking out the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum. Next, board the miniature train for a scenic ride around the park. There are many exciting events that take place here throughout the year. Check ahead for details

Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

Children can learn through play at the Children’s Museum. There are many interactive exhibits that allow children to explore, create, and imagine. Kids can try out several careers through pretending, act onstage, play in the water area, build in the construction zone, and prance around the toddler park. There are so many options for each child to learn and grow!

Phoenix Park

There is an amazing seasonal farmer’s market featuring locally grown fresh produce, dairy, baked goods, and more from artisans. The river flows through the park. It is an idyllic location to tube down the river, picnic, exercise, or walk across the bridges. There are paved walking paths, gorgeous views just waiting to be photographed, and restaurants nearby to follow up an outing with a nice meal.

Eau Claire Children’s Theater

Bring the entire family to a live theater production. The theater continuously offers two different productions to select between. Every show is made to entertain both children and adults. This is a great opportunity to take in some culture while enjoying a live performance complete with singing, dancing, and laughs. The organization has been thrilling visitors for 30 years and is appreciated by locals.

The Midwest is home to gorgeous natural beauty, seated in the area is picturesque Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is a family-friendly destination filled with many outdoor and indoor activities. There is an activity center with trampolines, water parks, mini golf, and virtual reality games. Carson Park is another wonderful destination filled with history, a museum, mini train rides, and more. The Children’s Museum offers imaginative play. Phoenix Park is a great outdoor destination. Chaos Waterpark is fun for the whole family and makes every day feel like summer break. Visit Eau Claire!… Read More

Whitewater Rafting Can Be Fun for the Whole Family

Whitewater Rafting Can Be Fun for the Whole Family

One of the greatest things about America is the variety of recreational activities for families. From theme parks to beaches to national monuments there is something different for each family to enjoy. There are many ways to enjoy nature as well. America’s wilderness offers a variety of activities for every age and skill level to enjoy. One such activity is whitewater rafting. What many people do not know is that it is possible to enjoy whitewater rafting even as a novice. Yes, there are many tour companies that offer packages with pulse pounding excitement that cover difficult terrain. However, there are also options available for families with members of every age and skill level.

With so many American rivers there are options for whitewater rafting within driving distance of most major American cities. With the proper research a family should be able identify the perfect river and rafting company to assist them with setting up their adventure. Most rafting companies provide all the equipment that is necessary, so all the family has to do is show up at the appointed date and time and be ready for fun. Safety conscious families should not be worried about the dangers associated with whitewater rafting.

Tour companies are conscious of the dangers associated with the sport and provide the appropriate safety equipment to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Furthermore, tour companies are well aware of the terrain that they deal with on a daily basis and will not take unexperienced rafters into areas that they cannot handle. Families should not worry about safety after choosing an experienced rafting company, all they should concern themselves with is having as much fun as possible.

The level of difficulty in whitewater rafting is measured in classes. There are six classes of difficulty that ascend in difficulty. Most first time rafters should be able to handle rafting class one through three terrain. With class three terrain there may be some difficult areas to navigate, but nothing impossible for a first time rafter that is in the company of a seasoned professional. Class three terrain will usually involve waves that could rise up to four feet and require the boat to move throw narrow areas. This should be nothing to fear, but, rather, an obstacle to get through that should serve as a bonding experience for any family. Anything above a class three should only be attempted with prior experience and understanding of whitewater rafting. For more information on whitewater rafting please visit

There is more to rafting than simply sitting in the raft and navigating obstacles. Rafting allows the participants to enter unspoiled parts of nature that are inaccessible by normal means of transportation. Furthermore, many rafting tour companies offer camping and dining in nature as part of their packages which means that the rafting is but a part of a larger adventure that the family will remember for years to come. Indeed, many tour companies offer cabins with furniture for … Read More

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