Backpacking Europe – Eurail Swiss Rail Pass Allows You to See All of Switzerland on a Budget

Save money when backpacking through Switzerland using the great train railway system that runs all over Europe called the Eurail.

Imagine buying a metro bus pass for one discounted price that allows you to travel through the whole state of Michigan at a discount.

That’s what the Swiss rail/train pass will alow you to do when traleing through Switzerland on the European eurail train system

Traveling on a budget, the Swiss eurail pass allows you to see the entire country of Switzerland and is the perfect answer for those who are backpacking or traveling through Switzerland, but cannot decide which part of the country to visit..

The eurail Swiss ticket is a great option for backpackers and travelers because you can use each day on your pass for as much as you’d like within a 24 hour period-putting you in control of your itinerary and letting you see what you want to see and when.

Backpacking Switzerland has never been easier, especially when you buy the right passes for the eurail train railway system.

For backpackers or general travel, the Swiss pass gives you everything you need to see breath taking Switzerland in all of it’s glory.

Included with the Swiss train pass is unlimited access to boat and bus travel, along with free access to access to over 400 different museums located throughout Switzerland. It is important to note however, using free access to any attraction takes one day from your pass, but if you use a discounted option, it does not.

The eurail train Swiss pass has many different flexible options for everyone’s budget and may be purchased for up to six months before you plan to use it. You have the option of a consecutive travel pass, meaning you must use all your days together, or a flexible pass which means you can pick and choose when you want to use your days. The flexible pass comes in: 3, 4, 5 or 6 days of travel for one month. The consecutive pass is available in your choice of: 4, 8, 15, 22 days or 1 month.

Prices for the range from: $226 to $751 for the consecutive day pass option, depending on the class and number of days chosen.

Children aged 12 to 26 qualify for the Youth fare, at a discounted rate from the adult fare, however, this option is only available for second class.

Children aged 4-11 are always half the standard adult rate, and those under 4 who do not require their own seat or bed travel free.

The Flexible Pass option ranges from: $216 to $516, depending on the class and number of days chosen. For anyone who will always be traveling of a group less than five, there is a Saver’s option which provides a discount from the standard adult rate.

With the Swiss rail pass, you can book your vacation to the area after you purchase it, because you can use it for up to six months from the purchase date. Using the pass, you can truly enjoy your trip, focusing on the scenery and attractions rather than how you’re going to move about the country.